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5 Page Site Onboarding Form

The form is best completed from a computer and does not allow you to save your progress. Please fill it all out at once (30-60 minutes to complete).

Not all questions are required, however we recommend filing out as many questions as possible. The more information we have the better!

What are you building a website for?
Do you have a logo?
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In order to provide you with a tailor-made website that truly resonates with your target audience, we highly encourage you to complete this optional section. While it is not mandatory, taking the time to provide us with the requested information will significantly enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of our design process.

What is your target customers' gender?
How old are your target customers?
What is their socioeconomic status?
How will they find and learn about your business?

About This Project

What emotion(s) do you want your new website to convey?
We will need text copy for each page on your 5 page site. How will you provide it?
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Do you have all of your images?

If providing your own images please email them to or provide Google Drive access to

Thank you for submitting. Please check your inbox for an important email that was just sent to you!

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